CFO & Controller Advisory Services for Non-Core Business Expenses

We represent a conglomerate of the most talented industry insider veterans in North America. These are experts who spent their career in primarily one particular industry. During their tenure, they were in a unique position where they were exposed to:

* Every dime of margin and where it’s hidden
* Every contract trick ever conceived
* Every benchmark of price across the country for that one expense category

These veterans left that industry to become a client advocate, working on YOUR behalf to reduce this one, laser focused expense. They are armed with a wealth of information to answer not only every question you would ever have about this particular industry but to questions you might not even know to ask!

They are privy to the absolute rock bottom pricing available in their industry because they spent their career on ‘the other side of the table’ negotiating the deals themselves. The difference is that now they are on your side negotiating for YOU. Imagine how much more effectively you could address this one isolated expense with these experts at your disposal.

Review the Expense Categories listed below and think about everything your company has purchased in that area. Our Experts, using their unique expertise, knowledge base, and industry executive back channels can save your company a lot of time, money, and headaches!

Expense Areas of Expertise

Expense Category

Annual Spend

* Credit Card Processing Fees ​$50,000 / yr
* Small Parcel Shipping $200,000 / yr
* Shipping and Freight ​$500,000 / yr
* Health Insurance ​$1,000,000 / yr
* Telecommunications ​$25,000 / yr
* Workers' Compensation ​> 40 employees
* Internal Copy / Print Processing ​$75,000
* ​Electric ​$100,000 / yr
* ​ Natural Gas ​$60,000 / yr
* Commercial Real Estate Leasing > 6,000 sq ft of Leased Space

​ * "Soft" Client qualifications - ​various criteria is used to determine if your business qualifies for our Expense Reduction Audits. We have worked successfully with organizations with as few as 20 employees up to those with 50,000+ employees.

In most cases, the qualification process comes down to the annual spend for the various categories which we offer our services. Generally, if you meet the annual spend threshold in the table above, you are likely an excellent candidate for our process. Keep in mind that most clients tend to underestimate their annual spend.